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Belotero - Cosmetic Under Eye Filler For Men

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Belotero - Cosmetic Under Eye Filler For Men


Product Details

BELOTERO - Under Eye Cosmetic Filler- Erase Scaring, Acne Marks  - FOR MEN

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If you looking for a non - surgical way to improve your facial appearance?  Washington DC Dermatology offers the FDA approved cosmetic filler Belotero. This smooth cosmetic  filler can help erase your under eye sagging, hollows, fine lines and wrinkles.

 With time the natural production of facial support tissues start to decrease, the fullness under your eyes begins to disappear, resulting in wrinkles, hollowing as well as sagging.  BELOTERO Cosmetic is an injectable filler that quickly integrates into your skin filling in facial void , under eye bags and smoothes out the wrinkles. Once injected, it instantly fills in the under the eye skin, smooths out the pocket and decreases the fine lines aound your eyes.. 

What Is BELOTERO For Men?

Safe and effective, BELOTERO with an 201 FDA approval, BELOTERO creates an excellent solution to correct under eye aging issues and superficial volume loss of the surrounding areas. BELOTERO is made with hyaluronic acid, a substance that’s naturally found in your body. When you add this hyaluronic acid gel under your skin, BELOTERO helps to fill it out or “plump” it up, smoothing out  those unwanted wrinkles, lines and indentations, what we call hollows under the eyes.  BELOTERO can  also correct small facial depressions caused by acne or minor facial injuries. 

In case studies, BELOTERO appears to add this much needed volume without the risk of granulomas, or “lumps,” forming under the skin. Primarily because this formulation has a softer consistency, integrating better with your existing skin tissue. 

IMPORTANT FACT: BELOTERO doesn’t cause the under-the-skin “blue tinting”  also called tindling that can occur with other cosmetic fillers when they’re used to fill the hallows, such as those under the eyes.


A BELOTERO Treatment generally takes less than 20 minutes. Allowing you to return to your regular activities immediately. Some patients may experience minor mild swelling and redness (and perhaps some itching). These side effects go away within a day or two, although they can last a bit longer when lips have been treated.

BELOTERO with Lidocaine cosmetic filler is an extremely effective away to add volume, increase, file out facial defects resulting from scarring and injury.

BELOTERO treatment amazing results vary from patient to patient, always keep in mind the importance of finding a skilled injector that makes all the diference. If you purchase this product from us, it has to be injected by Dr. Yolanda C. Holmes or Caroline Roza, PA-C. After your purchase although all sales are final, there is no cash refund, but if you should change your mind, we will gladly issue you a store credit that must be used within one year of issue date. Buy any product or service at our  featured sale pricing (when available)  in bulk and use the purchase within one year of date bought. Need more information? Call us anytime 202.737.6801 or email