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SculpSure Per Square - Customize YOUR Own Fat Removal Package

SCULPSURE bikini fat  removal
  • SCULPSURE bikini fat  removal
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SculpSure Per Square - Customize YOUR Own Fat Removal Package


Product Details

SCULPSURE- Pay For A Treatment Package That Is Right For YOU!

At Washington DC Dermatology, we can create a customized body contouring regime, JUST FOR YOU!

Body Contouring, Non Surgical Liposuction, Introducing SCULPSURE - the lunchtime procedure that permanently destroys unwanted fat cells in a simple 25 minute treatment. This body sculpting option doesn't require any special food to eat, or pills to take, ideally SculpSure is for patients who have fat prone areas that they can’t get rid of by dieting,or working out. If you are looking for a procedure to help you achieve the beach body look , try this revolutionary laser procedure that helps to melt away fat, showing  results of 2-3 inch reduction from most treated areas.

Our SculpSure treatment consists of  a laser-based, non-surgical procedure used to target and reduce or eliminate your unwanted fat. This non-surgical liposuction treatment works for both men and women with a variety of body shapes and types. Each Sculpsure procedure takes 25 minutes and can target multiple areas of the body.

As non-surgical body contouring treatments become ever so popular, SculpSure requires no incisions or anesthesia. Most of our patients say there’s minimal discomfort, its a pretty quick procedure, and little to no recovery.


SculpSure involves using a hands-free laser belt that uses specific wavelengths and heat to eliminate your unwanted fat cells.

It works best on these target areas:

  • upper abdominal 
  • lower abdominal 
  • flanks
  • lower back

Sculpsure is FDA approved and. unlike surgical procedures,  SculpSure removes fat deposits evenly and leaves your skin smooth and uncut. If you would like a free, complimentary consultation (Value of $125) Please call 202.854.9098 and let us help you today.

When making thispurchase, click on pick up, so no shipping charges will be added. Your order then will be received by a member of our medical staff, and we will call you to schedule your appointment. All sales are final. but if you change your mind, a credit can be issued to be used for any of our other cosmetic services or products, within 6 months of the original purchase date.